Why Is Clinical Data Collection Important?

The healthcare industry is constantly moving and evolving, and healthcare practitioners need to stay on top of these changes to provide the best standard of care to the population. 

Clinical data collection is one way to do this–through accurate data collection, healthcare providers can gain insight into overall health situations, enabling them to deliver better interventions and prevent negative outcomes. Additionally, clinical data collection is crucial in improving operational performance in healthcare institutions. 


What Is Clinical Data?

To understand the importance of clinical data collection, it’s necessary to be aware of the information it deals with. ‘Clinical data’ refers to information that’s extracted from sources such as:

  • Customer relationship management (CRM) systems
  • Electronic health records (EHR) systems
  • Custom-built software and applications
  • Patient-targeted online or in-person surveys  

These include records on a patient’s demographics, health history, HCC list of diagnoses, etc. When aggregated, the data can give an overview of an individual’s current health conditions and predict prospective care in the future.


The Importance of Data Collection and Extraction

Here are some reasons why healthcare providers mustn’t overlook proper data collection and extraction:

Improved Medical Services

When physicians have access to collected data, they can paint a better picture of a patient’s overall health and provide more accurate and effective diagnoses or apply preventive measures.

Better Decision Making

Healthcare providers can have a much broader view of healthcare situations through the analysis of collected data. These insights can help them make better decisions that are based on facts, which can help them strategize more quickly and adequately to address patient and operational challenges.

Cost Reduction

Clinical data collection and extraction can help healthcare providers deliver more quick and effective treatments to patients, which can significantly reduce costs. Patients won’t have to stay too long in institutions to undergo multiple experiments, while physicians won’t have to waste resources to provide accurate treatments.

Data Access

The process of data collection and extraction involves storing data in common databases instead of keeping them in different places. This gives people easier access to important information that can help boost development and save lives.

Health Risk Reduction

Clinical data collection and extraction are especially beneficial in preventing epidemics and health scares. To illustrate, say a patient is displaying unusual symptoms. With proper data collection practices, healthcare providers can identify the disease and determine other patients with similar conditions and quickly take preventative action.

Enhanced Operations

Healthcare institutions also greatly benefit from clinical data collection and extraction. The information analyzed can be used to determine points of improvement in operations and workflows and to provide better support to teams in administering proper care.


The Role of Clinical Data Collection and Extraction in Healthcare

Clinical data collection and extraction is perhaps most crucial in healthcare documentation and coding. The reporting, management, and analysis of information must be done to properly record health conditions in a way that informs future practices and makes way for healthcare developments. 


Clinical Data Collection with Ubiquity by Inferscience

Ubiquity by Inferscience is designed to aid in clinical data collection, reporting, and analysis for better hierarchical condition categories (HCC) coding practices. This intelligent solution can examine clinical information in a patient’s chart from any web-based EHR and show HCC coding suggestions to providers in an easy-to-digest format. 

Employing Ubiquity in your healthcare system is a great way to reap the benefits of clinical data collection and extraction. Contact us to learn how to integrate it into your operations today!





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