Ubiquity by Inferscience

Real-time HCC Risk Adjustment Coding Guidance

Ubiquity by Inferscience is our EHR agnostic tool, which can analyze  data in the patient’s chart from any web-based EHR and show HCC coding suggestions to providers in an easy-to-read, expandable tab.

With our intelligent solution, providers are also able to submit HCC codes from the Ubiquity tab to the patient’s chart in the EHR.


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Accurately Capture Your Organization’s Risk with Easier HCC Risk Adjustment Coding

With the Inferscience Ubiquity tool, your team can capture HCC codes at the point of care, therefore making an impact to better documentation and improved RAF scores.



– Automated HCC coding for providers without workflow disruption

-No difficult system integrations

-Better data accuracy

-Improved HCC risk adjustment workflows

-Reduced administrative costs

-Accurate risk capture

Robust reporting on providers engagement with the tool and impact of the tool on risk adjustment coding


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EHR Integrated

Ubiquity by Inferscience can integrate with any web-based EHR, analysis insights can be shown to the provider in their patient’s chart, thereby maximizing the possibility that action can be taken by the provider and improving your organization’s RAF scores.



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