Ubiquity by Inferscience

Real-time HCC Risk Adjustment Coding Guidance

Ubiquity by Inferscience is our EHR agnostic tool, which can analyze  data in the patient’s chart from any web-based EHR and show HCC coding suggestions to providers in an easy-to-read, expandable tab.

With our intelligent solution, providers are also able to submit HCC codes from the Ubiquity tab to the patient’s chart in the EHR.


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Accurately Capture Your Organization’s Risk with 360 External Data Approach

At Inferscience, we not only analyze the data in your EHR, we also have the ability to access patient data from external sources. Our 360° data approach pulls patient records that were generated at different healthcare providers, including lab and clinic results. We then present you with HCC coding suggestions based on analysis of a patient’s complete clinical history, for review at the point of care.

Inferscience saves manual documentation review time and helps improve HCC risk adjustment workflows.



– Automated HCC coding for providers without workflow disruption

-No difficult system integrations

-Better data accuracy

-Improved HCC risk adjustment workflows

-Reduced administrative costs

-Accurate risk capture

Robust reporting on providers engagement with the tool and impact of the tool on risk adjustment coding


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Accurate Risk Capture

You can only assess and adjust the risk accurately if you have accurate data to begin with. Therefore, your main concern should be whether the clinical data extraction software you’re using is reliable.

With Ubiquity, you don’t have to worry about the accuracy of your data because it accesses data from multiple sources for detailed analysis; it also flags any inaccuracies in the data. So, you can rest easy knowing that your EHR data extraction process is completely accurate.


EHR Integrated

Ubiquity by Inferscience can integrate with any web-based EHR, analysis insights can be shown to the provider in their patient’s chart, thereby maximizing the possibility that action can be taken by the provider and improving your organization’s RAF scores.

With Ubiquity by Inferscience, your HCC coders and clinicians will access accurate data about a patient’s health history and other related details from their EHR. Furthermore, our solution can obtain data from other web-based sources. It rationalizes your workflows by integrating multiple sources, ensuring that you only have usable data




Is HCC Coding automated for Providers?

Yes, we understand that clinical coding is becoming more complex with each passing day due to the emerging payment systems and unique healthcare settings and reporting requirements. Therefore, we’ve developed a data extraction tool that helps you to automate your HCC coding processes without interrupting your workflow.

How does Inferscience guarantee Data Accuracy?

At Inferscience, we understand the fact that the accuracy of your data and risk adjustment has a direct bearing on your organization’s financial feasibility and quality of healthcare. So, we’ve developed a cutting-edge data extraction system that provides you with accurate HCC codes and patient data for accurate risk adjustment.

This gives you the real picture of your patient, allowing you to accurately measure the quality and budget performance.

Improved HCC Risk Adjustment Workflows?

We want you to accurately anticipate the future financial resources for your healthcare organization and forestall correct reimbursements. Ubiquity enables you to assess anticipated costs and reimbursement you and your Medicare beneficiaries receive.

Your risk adjustment will be done promptly and accurately to reduce disruptions to your workflows. Ubiquity automates your risk adjustment workflows, ensuring that your clinicians accurately and comprehensively document the extracted data for accurate Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) scoring.

It detects inaccurate insights and codes thus speeding up your RAF scoring and providing you with rationalized statements. This way, the overall performance of your clinicians and the financial viability of your organization improve.


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