HCC Assistant for athenaClinicals EHR

HCC Coding Technology

The HCC Assistant is the only HCC Coding solution that analyzes both clinical and claims information to provide the clinician with HCC coding guidance based on a 360-degree view of the patient’s condition.


How does it work?

The HCC Assistant’s NLP-based rules engine performs a prospective analysis of patient information found with the Cerner PowerChart EHR, as well as retrospective analysis of submitted medical claims, to instantly identify and close HCC Coding gaps. The HCC Assistant can be used within the athena EHR, while the clinician is working in the patient’s chart, the HCC Assistant analyses the chart to provide HCC Coding suggestions.


  • Proven ROI: Helps maximize payments from Medicare Advantage plans by improving HCC coding and closing HCC documentation gaps.
  • Time-saving Analysis: Patient information is analyzed in real-time, providing clinicians and coders with immediate HCC coding guidance.
  • Advanced Rules Engine: Uses NLP and sophisticated coding algorithms to quickly analyze charts and accurately calculate patients’ RAF scores.
  • Provider and Coder Workflows: Scrub charts before encounters or analyze and document HCC codes during the patient’s medical appointment.
  • Administrative Reports: Reporting at the provider, coder, and patient levels helps administrators track HCC coding outcomes.

Real-time HCC coding and auditing within the athenaClinicals EHR:

  • Increase per-patient RAF scores. In 2019, one Inferscience customer increased their patients’ RAF scores by an average of 0.53!
  • Time-saving physician and coder workflows.
  • Fast implementation with a simple Chrome browser extension.
  • Designed for medical groups of all sizes.
  • Free one-week trial. No obligation!
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