Maximize Risk Adjustment Outcomes Through Real Time HCC Coding

Inferscience delivers HCC coding software that helps healthcare providers streamline risk adjustment workflows, improve RAF scores, and maximize funding from Medicare Advantage patients.

Trusted By Leading Medical Groups 

Our AI Makes
Risk Adjustment Simple

HCC Assistant is Inferscience’s HCC coding tool that uses advanced natural language processing (NLP) and intelligent rules to:

  • Unify relevant patient data from your EHRs
  • Locate overlooked health diagnoses to improve RAF scores
  • Ensure providers receive the maximum funding from Medicare Advantage contracts
  • Free your providers to focus on their patients. 

How it works:

Medical Icons

HCC Assistant analyzes structured and unstructured data from the patient’s chart.

HCC Icons

HCC Assistant displays the relevant HCC Coding suggestions at the point of care.


Users can submit codes back to the assessment and plan section of the EHR.

EHR Integrations

HCC Assistant is a seamless EHR integrated platform


HCC Coding Made Easy, Efficient and Cost-Effective

Focus Less on Coding and More on Patients 

Manual HCC coding can lead to compliance issues, overlooked diagnoses, and most importantly takes your providers away from focusing on patients. 

HCC Assistant solves this by:

  • Automatically analyzing clinical data while you focus on patient care
  • Providing a transparent view of all data sources and rules upon which its recommendations were based
  • Putting your providers in control and giving them the final call on all HCC coding. 

Access All Clinical Data
Exactly When You Need It

Healthcare providers often struggle to integrate disparate data sources from multiple systems. 

HCC Assistant solves this by:

  • Fully embedding in your risk adjustment workflows within the EHR of your choice, including AthenaHealth, Veradigm (formerly AllScripts), and more
  • Increasing workflow efficiency by streamlining the coding process
  • Integrating with HIE data and Claims Assistant to fill gaps in your patient data 

Leverage AI to Manage
Costs Over Time 

83% of providers believe AI will eventually lessen their admin burden, but most still see it as too expensive to implement. 

HCC Assistant solves this by:

  • Helping you access more funding for Medicare Advantage Patients
  • Avoiding the expense of hiring a new FTE
  • Helping you estimate future funding and expenditure 

With a pricing advantage over other vendors’ solutions, HCC Assistant takes a smaller upfront investment and pays for itself faster.

Support Your Staff with Custom HCC Coding Tool Add-Ons 

HCC Assistant features multiple cost-effective add-ons to augment your workflow and ensure every use case is covered. 

Risk Adjustment Technology

HCC Assistant Coder Workflow 

The HCC Assistant Coder Workflow is a coder-focused version of the HCC Assistant, perfect for provider organizations that have coder assistants. It allows the coder team to pre-select HCC codes for the provider to approve at the point of care. 

HCC Risk Adjustment Coding

HCC Validator

Our HCC Validator instantly analyzes diagnoses found in the clinical note against MEAT criteria, issuing a clear “Pass” or “Fail” grade for each code.

HCC Risk Adjustment Coding

Claims Assistant

The Claims Assistant performs a 360-degree analysis of raw claims data to capture and suggest HCC codes which may have been billed by other providers, or by the practice during the previous calendar years. 

We take Data Security Seriously

Inferscience is serious about data security, which is why we acquired a SOC2 Type II certification in 2023!

The SOC II certification complements our existing compliance initiatives and further strengthens our position as a trusted partner in the healthcare industry.


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